Oxwash x Vanish

Design and development of a new partnership campaign page to give clothes many lives.

BUSINEss stage
Interaction design

Oxwash are re-engineering the laundry process from the ground up, with their eco-friendly laundry and dry-cleaning services using cutting edge technology they are determined to be the first net-zero impact washing company in the world.

In 2019 we designed the pitch deck for a promising eco-friendly laundry service start-up from Oxford University, Oxwash. From the moment we met Oxwash we felt we fully aligned with their mission and since then we have continued working together, being part of their journey as they continue to grow and expand.

They have now teamed up with Vanish and aspire to meet three weekly targets: Save 600kg clothes from landfill, 12tn of CO2 and 3200l of water.


We have handled Oxwash's main website design and development from the beginning. This time they required a launch page to celebrate their new partnership with Vanish Zero. 

The page UI and UX needed to be impactful and engaging to highlight some of today's biggest problems with clothing whilst presenting the ambitious targets the partnership aims to achieve. Ahead of the concept phase, we were provided with a series of statistics which gave us the challenge of how to weave this into an engaging visual story.


Oxwash gave us complete creative freedom on ways to tell the story visually. After creating various hand-drawn concepts and bold copy to go with them, we developed the chosen concept in Sketch and created an interactive prototype in Principle. The prototype allowed us to fine tune the flow of the story before the web development phase.


The web page uses the ‘Oxwash Powered by Vanish’ brand elements such as colours, transitional waves, videos and isometric illustrations.

The scrolling webpage experience presents a problem and solution story linked through engaging snippets of copy that transition between different visuals, utilising modern day web UX such as on-scroll animations, clipping masks and looping videos. This all leads to the reveal of their partnership and a call to action to join their mission. 

Oxwash x Vanish


Oxwash x Vanish Zero is not only a partnership page, but an educational piece that shows the current problem of the incredible amount of waste in the clothing industry and the environmental impact this causes. Oxwash's mission is met by educating and presenting their unique partnership on one page.

The launch of the Oxwash x Vanish Zero partnership page was a huge success. More than 50% of first time visitors engaged with the entire page until the end of the experience.

Oxwash x Vanish
Oxwash x Vanish