Helping start-ups

tell better stories



Pre-seed, Seed, A-series or beyond

We understand what's required to get noticed at each level of an early-stage business development. Whether it's an elevator pitch, B2B brochure, send-out or deep dive deck or a social campaign we've got the experience and versatility to become quick experts in your field and create successful material required to grow your business's reach.

Static, Animated, Interactive

We know the format needed for different situations and what's needed to stand out from the rest. We work across the fields of graphic design, illustration, animation and web design and have built a locker of knowledge and tools ready for when you need it.

We have helped raise over 2 billion euros

We've worked with over 500 companies across sectors from life-science, cleantech, fintech, biotech, blockchain, AI, healthcare, machine-learning and more to create a winning formula that's seen business raise funds in record-time, win competitions, going beyond their Ask and reaching new heights.

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Start-ups, Accelerators, Institutions, Investment groups.
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"They have developed great relationships with our entrepreneurs when building out their decks, been able to have a huge amount of versatility to communicate complex ventures and the problems they’re solving across multiple sectors, and more importantly make the ventures look good on demo-day when pitching for investment."

Alex Feyler
Head of Venture Programme, Oxford Foundry
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"They have a rare skill of being able to get right to the core of a complex message and communicate it simply, quickly and easily so that any audience can follow the narrative in a visual way. Lovely people to work with – world class results - highly recommended!”

Andrew Burford
Co-founder of Investor Marketplace, Climate-KIC, Ex-head of Climate-KIC, ICL
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Who we are

Future Fables is built on two pillars, the creative duo Julia and Ashley. 

The studio was previously named OhYes Design and was established in 2015 by Ashley with Julia formally joining as a director in 2018. Ashley is a specialist in graphic design, animation, UI/UX and web development whilst Julia is a specialist in visual communication, illustration, colour theory and art direction. 

Julia’s experience in frontline healthcare and Ashley’s in innovation and start-ups, combined with shared travel experiences that exposed us to the challenges the world faces, led us to join forces and form a studio to create visual stories for start-ups that can make a difference. 

We quickly found out how many great innovations there are out there but they all shared a common problem which is the fact of not knowing how to make their message appealing and simple enough for a broader range of public. Because of this fact, many were failing or did not reach their target audience effectively.  

Partners in both our professional and personal lives, coupled with our culture and linguistic differences, has meant we have had to overcome many communication challenges over the years and has taught us the importance and power of clear and simple communication. This skill forms the core of our process and visual story-telling and achieves the goal of giving start-ups the impactful visual communication they are lacking to reach their goals and audiences. 

We always aim to build meaningful relationships with the companies we work with. Each of our clients gives us the opportunity to understand more about how we can improve our world, so we believe it is essential to deep dive and become fast experts in their innovations to offer each of our clients tailor-made design solutions. 

Our biggest reward is to see how the companies we work with grow, unleash their potential and make the positive impact we know they can for this world.

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