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Pitch presentation design and consultancy for Oxford University's accelerator program.

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The Oxford Foundry was established in 2017 by the University of Oxford's Saïd Business School, for the benefit of all students and alumni of the University of Oxford. Their mission is to build a new generation of ventures that better society, and to nurture more ethical leaders who put people and planet first.

We have been working with the Oxford Foundry accelerator, OXFO Elevate, since 2019 as part of the specialist support they offer to their ventures to scale and get funding. We have worked with over 30 of the most promising start-ups ready to change the world for the better.

By running different sessions with the ventures, we strip back each pitch deck to make sure every venture looks memorable and different.

In these sessions we also offer design, brand and flow consultancy to guide the venture in a style that is different from their competitors and makes them stand-out.

The pitch presentation decks are used by the ventures to present to various stakeholders to rise funding, hire advisors and expand the team, as well as Demo Day - an in-house investment opportunity that celebrates the conclusion of the OXFO Elevate accelerator programme.

As each team comes from different sectors and are at different stages, we deep-dive into their innovations and propositions to become fast-experts and produce a tailor-made design that looks professional, eye-catching and leaves an impression on the viewer.

Oxford Foundry
Oxford Foundry

Each venture receives a professionally designed and constructed pitch presentation in a short amount of time that gives them a powerful tool to use when communicating their business objectives and targets.

OXFO ventures have gone on to raise more than £43m+ in investment since joining the accelerator, are worth more than £150m, and have hired more than 170 employees - all in under three years. They are revenue-generating whilst helping tackle tough world challenges, whether that is helping combat the climate crisis, ensuring healthcare equity, or other critical Sustainable Development Goal. 

The majority of ventures carry forward the visual style we create as a base for their visual communication after completing the OXFO accelerator program. We are proud that many of the ventures have become our clients after completing the OXFO programme, across a broad range of projects that continue to help them grow as a business and make a positive impact on the world.

Oxford Foundry